Ozone Technology and Environmental Analytical services


Piloting of ozone processes

In IO3S’s laboratories virtually all liquids, especially aqueous substances, can be examined for their behaviour with ozone. The main emphasis is directed towards finding the most environmentally friendly, durable and cost effective oxidation of the process material.

The experience of IO3S’s specialists makes it possible to reproduce and to simulate the dynamic behaviour of all presently known and expected future applications of ozone. This is followed by an analysis of the reaction products and an optimisation of the processes for their use in industry.

Industrial applications of ozone are always preceded by the questions of how much ozone is needed and under what process conditions to achieve the treatment objectives. The answers to these questions are needed to calculate the size of ozone generation plant required and the cost of treatment.

Development of the process concept and the process plant in IO3S’s laboratories and with their pilot plants, provides reliable, useable and relevant criteria for the design of the industrial scale plant. The concept and construction of the IO3S pilot plants make it possible to work with both batch or continuous processes and in combination with both pre and post treatment steps – such as a biological treatment for example.

IO3S has set the objective of performing pilot plant tests as the production of process relevant data in a very short time that is as complete as possible. On the basis of the results from the pilot plant it is possible to optimise the design of the full scale plant and to guarantee its most economic operation.

As the starting point of all pilot plant testing, the following process information needs to be available:

  • Definition of the starting point
    • Description of the type of process under consideration
    • Chemical composition of the materials to be processed
    • Specification of the material to be oxidised
    • Pre- and post treatment steps of the process material
  • Definition of the requirements of the process
    • Range of values within which the specified material must be
    • Capacity of the plant
    • Environmental regulations in force