Ozone Technology and Environmental Analytical services


Environmentally friendly, reliable and economic oxidation treatment of potable water, wastewater, process water and process sludge – as well as special process applications of ozone – are a challenge for every company working in these fields. Ozone (O3) is a highly powerful reagent that already has made possible breakthroughs in complex problems and will in the future bring decisive changes to traditional processes.

Ozone Brochure (PDF)

IO3S has at its disposal the infrastructure to reproduce in its laboratories all known applications of ozone and to simulate their dynamic process reaction.

Fields of application for ozone:

  • Production of pure water
  • Treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater and process sludge
    • decomposition of tensides
    • decomposition of organic material
    • decomposition of dyes
    • decomposition of toxic substances
  • Treatment of process water
    • Recycling
    • Decomposition of nitrous oxides
  • Recovery of minerals
  • Synthesis (Brochure)

In addition to the fundamental infrastructure required for this activity, the engineers at IO3S possess comprehensive experience through the world-wide realisation of numerous projects in the fields of consulting, engineering and project management. They have been involved from conception, design and right up to installation, commissioning and maintenance of complete plants. IO3S provides expert services in the following fields:

  • Consulting for process definition
  • Engineering of ozone plants
  • Project management to companies operating ozone plants