Ozone Technology and Environmental Analytical services


Welcome to IO3S’s analytical services

Demands from industry, the public and the private sector for a fast, reliable and full analytical service (environmental and process orientated) are ever increasing. In order to satisfactorily meet these demands the specialist knowledge of employees, the laboratory equipment and the quality of the company in these fields must be maintained at the highest level of scientific “Know how”.

IO3S has in its laboratories highly experienced personnel, who regularly undergo further education in their fields of expertise, and the latest available equipment – all ISO 9001 certified. These strengths, together with the experience gained from the execution of numerous projects, builds the core competence of IO3S in the fields of chemical and physical analysis, e.g.:

  • Water and wastewater
  • Soils
  • Air and gases
  • Compost, sewage sludge and fertilisers
  • Refuse and excavated material
  • Industrial materials, intermediate and finished products
  • Trace organic and inorganic substances (e.g. dioxines, furanes, PAH’s, PCB’s, CKW, VOC’s and other organic compounds, heavy metals, etc.) in a wide range materials

As an independent organisation IO3S endeavours to always make available these analytical services and to competently advise and support its customers in all questions concerned with analysis in the fields of environmental compliance, processing as well as other associated aspects.